– Do your Parts Fit like a Factory Panel?

Factory sheet metal parts are laser cut with exact precision, and then formed in dies. This process is extremely costly, and requires massive turn over. Our parts are hand made on a much smaller scale by skilled craftsmen in our own 30,000 sqft factory. Our parts fit very similar to an OEM panel, but do require additional refinement beyond what you would get from the OEM manufacturer.

– How Strong are your Parts?

Very strong! We use proprietary techniques to produce extremely durable parts that we have tested on the street & race track for nearly 2 decades.

– Tell Me More About your Carbon Fiber! -


– How is the Bulge Measured?

From the top dead center of the wheel well.

– Why the Lead Time?

We do our best to keep our most popular products in stock. We do however have over 2000 molds, so there’s a chance that you’ll need to give us a few days to manufacture your parts.

– What are your Products Made Of?

Fiberglass of course! We also manufacture wet and vacuum bagged carbon fiber products.

– Can you Build Me ________?

Yes, we can build nearly anything out of fiberglass. Our products span far beyond the off road industry. Contact us with your ideas.

– Can you make _______ Wider or Narrower?

The quick and easy answer is yes. The reality of making something like this happen takes a vehicle in our shop for 4+ weeks, and a significant investment.

– Do You Ship Outside the US?

We currently do not ship outside the US. For international orders, we can ship to your freight forwarder within the US or will call for your freight company to pick up your order.

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