Carbon Fiber

All of our carbon fiber parts are built in house and hand laid.  They are lighter, and stronger than their fiberglass counterpart.  Our main focus when creating these parts is a clean, consistent, weave.  When laying carbon into molds that have extreme contours, the material is forced to stretch, and/or compact in to challenging areas.  Because of this, you may see some inconsistencies in the weave pattern.

Our carbon fiber parts are built with high quality, clear, marine grade gel coat that is UV stabilized for optimum weathering and UV resistance.  At the listed price point, we are unable to offer pre-preg/vacuum bagged parts.  Because of this, you may encounter extremely small, pin point sized air pockets.  These micro pockets are trapped between the carbon and clear gel coat, and not able to be felt on the exterior surface.  They are very very small, and only visible when viewed at an extreme angle.

A final consideration would be the nature of the molds the parts are being built in.  Many of our parts have multiple complex return flanges that require the use of a modular mold.  The mold "assembly" is 2-4 individual molds that bolt together so that the finished piece can be effectively removed.  Where one mold meets another, a small seam is created that is simply sanded down in a fiberglass piece.  This is not possible with carbon fiber, and our solution is to "ghost" the edges.  We use black gel coat to make a seamless fade effect that you can see in the first .5" to .75" of the edges of particular parts.

We hope that these details will provide the you with the correct anticipation of the parts you will receive.  Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.